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More praise for Drawn: Dark Flight

... the one thing that really stood out for me was its distinct visual style that made me wax poetic about the animation of my childhood. But to call the visuals of Drawn disney-like would not only be a gross understatement, it would also be misleading. Sure, the game evokes a level of nostalgia that makes you feel as though you were watching Sleeping Beauty and encountering Maleficent for the first time, but more than that, it transports you to a new place altogether. The childish looking games – which are deceptively difficult – combine with the oddly nostalgic visuals to make you feel as though you were playing a point ‘n click puzzle game adventure version of Where the Wild Things Are.

… my first entrance into the world of Drawn was like Dorothy opening the door to her room and stepping into the Technicolor land of Oz, or Lucy pushing her way through the furs in the wardrobe and first hearing the crunch of snow beneath her feet as she entered Narnia. Journeying into the magical landscape of Drawn: Dark Flight gave me the same sense of wonder in exploring a beautiful, though at times dark, new world, often leaving me just staring at each new scene in awe, soaking in the art and music.

Dark Flight mixes several art styles in rendering this world of imagination. You’ll feel as if you’ve stepped into a Disney wonderland as you wander through a meadow with hopping bunnies and frolicking squirrels to talk to a grouchy gnome, while the lines of a child’s first book render a simple scene with a pirate on a paper boat amidst peaked paper waves.
-Adventure Gamers


  1. The artwork is absolutely gorgeous man, the style is right up my alley!

  2. I just visited your blog....Wow......really inspiring. Your forest and trees are beautiful, as well as the other artwork.Bravos!

  3. Thanks so much caricature lafontaine!