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Drawn: Dark Flight Reviews!!

The next game in the Drawn series was released yesterday and has been received with amazing reviews. Please have a look. I could not be more proud of the game and the team.

"What makes Drawn so special is its presentation. It terms of milieu, it finds its peerage among the children's novella (and animated feature) Coraline, Myst, the physics-based platform puzzler Trine, and the works of Hayao Miyazaki and Don Bluth. The title's constantly changing mix of the macabre and the fantastic earmarks as it must-have for anyone who is a die-hard fan of fairy tales and whimsy. Ostensibly, it's nothing more than a well-animated slideshow, but Drawn's lush and rapturous visuals delight with every revelatory investigation into its world's secreted nooks and clandestine crannies." -Bitmob review


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