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Drawn: Trail of Shadows trailer

Drawn: Trail of Shadows

Drawn 3- Trail of Shadows has launched!

I am excited to announce the release of our latest Drawn installment- Trail of Shadows
Here is a sampling of some of the art from the game created by my exceptional art team-

Drawn Artwork featured in the Into The Pixel Exhibition

This piece of the Dragon Play from Drawn: Dark Flight was kindly chosen to be in this year's Into the Pixel Exhibition at E3.
Into The Pixel 2011
This was a collaboration between myself and Hamzah Kasom Osman who also got his piece of The Cottage in the show. Jeff Haynie, another Big Fish Games artist and great friend was also featured with his spectacular piece from Mystery Case Files: 13th Skull

Please check out the site to see the winners. Thanks!

Drawn article in the recent issue of PC Gamer!

The magazine is a bit on the expensive side but if you get a chance, it is a good review of Dark Flight and they don't pull any punches. :)

Gamasutra Article

An article I wrote for Gamasutra is now live on their site. I talk about the inspirations and influences behind the art of Drawn as well as the production pipeline and the importance of team collaboration. If you have a chance to give it a read it is here:

Link to Gamasutra Article

Spectrum 17 is out!

Excited to say I have two pieces in this year's Spectrum, The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art!

More praise for Drawn: Dark Flight

... the one thing that really stood out for me was its distinct visual style that made me wax poetic about the animation of my childhood. But to call the visuals of Drawn disney-like would not only be a gross understatement, it would also be misleading. Sure, the game evokes a level of nostalgia that makes you feel as though you were watching Sleeping Beauty and encountering Maleficent for the first time, but more than that, it transports you to a new place altogether. The childish looking games – which are deceptively difficult – combine with the oddly nostalgic visuals to make you feel as though you were playing a point ‘n click puzzle game adventure version of Where the Wild Things Are.

… my first entrance into the world of Drawn was like Dorothy opening the door to her room and stepping into the Technicolor land of Oz, or Lucy pushing her way through the furs in the wardrobe and first hearing the crunch of snow beneath her feet as she entered Narnia. Journeying into the magical landscape of Drawn: Dark Flight gave me the same sense of wonder in exploring a beautiful, though at times dark, new world, often leaving me just staring at each new scene in awe, soaking in the art and music.

Dark Flight mixes several art styles in rendering this world of imagination. You’ll feel as if you’ve stepped into a Disney wonderland as you wander through a meadow with hopping bunnies and frolicking squirrels to talk to a grouchy gnome, while the lines of a child’s first book render a simple scene with a pirate on a paper boat amidst peaked paper waves.
-Adventure Gamers

Drawn: Dark Flight Reviews!!

The next game in the Drawn series was released yesterday and has been received with amazing reviews. Please have a look. I could not be more proud of the game and the team.

"What makes Drawn so special is its presentation. It terms of milieu, it finds its peerage among the children's novella (and animated feature) Coraline, Myst, the physics-based platform puzzler Trine, and the works of Hayao Miyazaki and Don Bluth. The title's constantly changing mix of the macabre and the fantastic earmarks as it must-have for anyone who is a die-hard fan of fairy tales and whimsy. Ostensibly, it's nothing more than a well-animated slideshow, but Drawn's lush and rapturous visuals delight with every revelatory investigation into its world's secreted nooks and clandestine crannies." -Bitmob review


Adventure Gamers


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Drawn: Dark Flight images

Reviews of Drawn: Dark Flight!

The next game in the Drawn series was released yesterday and has been received with amazing reviews. Please have a look. I could not be more proud of the game and the team.



Adventure Gamers


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work in progress-

A new piece I am working on. This one is growing organically and I am just letting it do its thing. Quick thumbnail posted below.

just shapes